We partner with our clients to develop leadership, leverage change and positively enhance organisational cultures. Essentially, we empower businesses to achieve success and growth by developing their people. 

Our work is built upon four corner-stones of expertise:

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • People and Culture
  • Visual Communication

We are most passionate about enabling people and organisations to achieve their true potential and results through targeted and aligned development programmes and solutions.

We’re proud to have partnered with some fantastic clients in recent months including tombola, Advanced Co, Northumbrian Water Group, NRG and Komatsu.

Each client solution is designed bespoke, guided by our unique IAA Model, fully supported by active participation and positive reinforcement throughout delivery.

Our Values

Our values provide a solid structure for our work and remain at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values are:

  • Creative – we do things differently around here
  • Honouring Uniqueness – we celebrate individuality and embody authenticity
  • Results Focused – we are fully invested in helping you to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Partnership – we are in this together
  • Passion – we love what we do
  • Authentic – we speak and work from the heart
  • Quality – we hold ourselves to the highest standards

Kate Shahid

Managing Director and Executive Coach

A full and active member of the Association for Coaching (AC) and the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS), Kate is an executive coach, organisational development specialist and coaching supervisor with over 15 years’ experience of supporting individuals and teams to develop leadership, effect change and positively enhance organisational cultures.

She is most passionate about enabling people to achieve their true potential through coaching in line with organisational needs, empowering businesses to achieve success and growth through their people.

Interesting Fact about Kate

Kate loves long distance running, describing it as ‘meditation in motion’. She is looking forward to challenging herself to a series of running events this year including 4 half marathons.

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Charlotte Angus

Leadership Partner and Coach

Charlotte is a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualified Organisational Development Practitioner and coach with over 16 years of experience leading learning and change programmes in a wide variety of businesses.

Charlotte is motivated by enabling people to thrive at work, which is critical to sustained business success and growth. She works with our clients to achieve growth through exploration, learning and analysis.

Interesting Fact about Charlotte

When Charlotte isn’t delighting our clients, her favourite pastime is to explore the world, whether walking with gorillas in Rwanda or trekking the Rainbow Mountains in Peru.

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Clare Walker

Leadership Partner and Coach

Clare is a leadership and management development specialist and NLP practitioner with over 18 years’ experience of supporting leaders in a wider range of organisational contexts.

Clare is most passionate about equipping business leaders with the skills they need to build effective teams and achieve growth through their people. Clare believes that leaders set the cultural tone for their organisation as their behaviours are contagious!

Interesting Fact about Clare

Clare is an advanced Scuba diver, although she’s fairly selective about where she dives. Her standard criteria is that the water must be at least 30 degrees! Recent trips to the Philippines and Bali have opened up a new world of underwater photography.

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Ben Nightingale

Graphic Facilitator, Illustrator and Animator

Ben is a highly experienced graphic facilitator, illustrator and animator, with a degree in visual communication methods.

Ben helps our clients to capture and communicate seemingly complex information in a creative, meaningful and engaging way.

We subscribe to the old adage that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and Ben’s work aligns beautifully with our project approach. His rich pictures, graphics and animations provoke productive conversations and support people to think, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Interesting Fact about Ben

Ben has always demonstrated talent and passion for animation. As a boy, he won an exciting competition to find the UK’s best young cartoonist for the infamous comics, Beano and Dandy.

Hayley Ramm

Client Account Manager

Hayley is a client relationship specialist with over 20 years’ experience supporting teams and their clients across a wide range of industries.

Hayley particularly enjoys organising and whipping the Mosaic team into shape; no mean feat as you might imagine! The lynchpin of Mosaic Partners, Hayley looks after our administration and record keeping. Most importantly, she ensures that learners have a seamless experience as they progress through our programmes, looking after all of their needs and requirements and generally keeping everyone on their toes.

Interesting Fact about Hayley

Hayley thrives on family time but also enjoys time to go for coastal walks, not so long runs and even shorter HIIT exercise routines just so that she can enjoy her true love of Dairy Milk and lattes!

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