Conflict Resolution Coaching

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Manufacturing organisation.

Conflict Resolution Coaching Case Study

  • Situation

    • Two senior leaders in a line management relationship found themselves in a heated conflict that was continuing to deteriorate. The organisation’s HR department had exhausted due process, and their Chief Executive had tried everything to resolve the situation. Both individuals had become entrenched in their positions, and it was negatively impacting the performance of their team and wider unit.
  • Complication

    • The leaders in question were based in different parts of the country and whenever they came together the impact was toxic and incendiary. Both parties were becoming extremely unhappy at work, and this was also impacting their respective home lives. Mosaic had provided coaching support to members of the senior team previously and as trusted partners, they approached us to request mediation services.
  • Resolution

    • After meeting with the client, we recommended an alternative approach to mediation, which we warned could potentially enflame an already difficult situation. Our proposed approach involved a non-judgmental deep dive into the respective stories of both parties; the impact of team legacy, pandemic and subsequent pressures of attempting to return to a ‘new normal’. As suspected, we discovered that neither party was entirely to blame and that there were many contributory factors at play.
    • The opportunity to speak with an external and independent coach allowed each party to let off steam, consider the conflict from a different perspective and focus on a shared way forward. The coach took both parties (individually and collectively), on a shared developmental journey during which they were given the opportunity to make their points, honour the other person’s perceptions, and focus on a positive way forward which benefited both them and the organisation.
    • The process wasn’t comfortable or easy at times, however both leaders have acknowledged that they benefited greatly from the experience and, most importantly, they have made great strides in working together more effectively than they were before. They’re both feeling much happier and this is reflected in their performance and feedback from their team.
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