Case Studies

“We chose the name Mosaic Partners as it perfectly represents our understanding of organisations and our approach to people development.

Each individual tile is unique and distinct in a mosaic and together they can be aligned beautifully to create a bigger overall picture or pattern with far greater meaning. Sometimes organisations need a little help to step back and re-evaluate the picture they are trying to create.”

Kate Shahid, Founder and Managing Director, Mosaic Partners

Culture Development Project


Mosaic Partners were engaged by the executive team of a scaling tech business with approx. 180 employees and a turnover of over £15m to undertake a cultural development project following a period of prolonged organisational change.


To provide consultancy support, helping the organisation remain a great place to work, positively enhancing organisational culture and ultimately increasing ownership, accountability and engagement of middle level managers and their wider teams.


Mosaic initially completed a detailed desk-top analysis of the organisation’s history, culture and strategy before producing a bespoke project plan to deliver the desired outcomes.

We worked closely with members of the executive team, providing 1:1 self-awareness and coaching sessions, reporting on individual and team observations and trends. Mosaic designed and delivered a bespoke cultural analysis workshop, engaging a cross-section of employees in an appreciative enquiry of the existing organisational culture.

We triangulated the results of the appreciative enquiry with the executive team report to create a picture of the organisation’s culture. Mosaic then created a series of recommendations which were presented back to the executive team.

The HR team were then engaged in development to bring the results and recommendations to life in a series of targeted and employee led interventions.

Results and Impact

The following results and impact were reported:

  • Increased levels of self-awareness on the executive team including leadership styles and preferences.
  • Team profile identifying gaps within the executive team.
  • Greater relational awareness and an increase in positive challenge between members of the executive team.
  • Enhanced understanding of employee’s perception of the executive team and recognition of their impact on the organisation’s culture.
  • Upskilling of HR team to deliver in-house solutions to breech the identified ‘culture gap’.
  • Introduction of ‘engagement champions’ to promote and lead viral change across the business.
Client Testimonials

Client Quote

“As a business we have been going through an exciting period of growth and transformation. We have had the benefit of working with Mosaic Partners during this time of change. Kate has worked with our Board to help us a business better understand the profile of our leadership team. This has enabled us to shape things as we move forward. The profiling exercise has proved very beneficial as we have strengthened and widened our leadership team.

This time of change has been challenging for some of our people and again we have worked with Kate. She was instrumental in helping us better understand our company culture and provided us with a strategy for working on and improving our great culture. At present we are working towards implementing many of Kate’s recommendations following this work. These recommendations are already showing great results to our business and culture.”

Executive HR Director

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