Case Studies


As we have a long-standing partnership with Mosaic we talked to Kate and the team around how we start using profiling solutions for our senior positions to gain better insights into candidates’ innate instinctive behaviors, decision-making process and the type of work environment in which they would thrive.

Mosaic walked us through the process and what we could expect to gain from profiling both the role and potential candidates.

Matching the right person to the role has been key to success for us and with the Mosaic’s valuable insight and coaching around the type of behaviors we want in a person, what questions we should ask at interview and how they could potentially stack up against the role has been a real turning point for us in senior recruitment.

Candidates also get a feedback session provided by Mosaic which creates a great experience for them whether they are successful or not.

I couldn’t recommend using Mosaic Partners enough for recruitment needs analysis, personality and behavioral profiling, feedback analysis and bespoke training with the personal touch.

Mark Scot,
Recruitment Business Partner

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