Diagnostics & Profiling

Behavioural and cultural fit is key when developing people, roles and teams.

We know that previous experience and technical ability does not automatically guarantee best fit or high performance.

Organisations tend to recruit people and build teams based upon track record and technical competence, whilst both are obviously important, we know that behavioural and cultural fit is critical to optimise the potential for success.

Self, relational and contextual awareness is the precursor for high performing individuals and teams.

Psychometrics, diagnostics and profiling provide an additional layer of insight and information that helps to promote, celebrate and integrate difference and honour uniqueness, leading to reduced conflict, deeper understanding and increased performance.

Our Solutions – A Closer Look

We provide integrated consultancy across a wide range of psychometric assessments, profiling tools and diagnostic instruments for individuals and teams which can be applied in:

  • Assessment centres
  • Recruitment project support and consultancy
  • Job role profiling
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Large scale profiling and data analysis projects

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