Rich Pictures

Translating complex ideas into simple and engaging visual formats to ensure everyone is ‘on the same page’

We subscribe to the old adage that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

Rich pictures ensure everyone is ‘on the same page’. We apply a range of bespoke visual communication methods and approaches to provoke productive conversations and support people to think, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

In our experience, the use of visuals is particularly effective when communicating/embedding key strategic messages. Much of what people understand is represented by imagery, story and metaphor – what better way to help people to understand the bigger picture you are trying to create in your organisation?

Our Solutions – A Closer Look

We provide a range of Rich Picture Solutions such as:

  • Live graphic recording of meetings, conferences, workshops and events
  • Graphic facilitation
  • Team caricatures
  • Strategy on a page
  • Journey visuals
  • Storyboards/posters/one-sheets
  • Corporate animations
  • Corporate identify/branding consultancy
  • Bespoke graphics/illustrations
  • Logos and brand identity

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