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We don’t know what we don’t know. With our MD, Kate Hargreaves

Was it Donald Rumsfeld, amongst others, who uttered this phrase?


Well, that should be pinned to every Boardroom wall at the moment. Because we truly are living through entirely unprecedented times and it’s the unenviable task of leaders to make some sense of it all, while feeling under siege themselves.


“On-going challenges and global threats such as the pandemic, climate crisis, political instability (particularly in Europe), and now outbreak of war continues to create a volatile and hugely unpredictable trading landscape for our clients.


As coaches and engagement and change specialists, we hear about their struggles every day. So if you’re reading this, you’re certainly not alone in finding it hard to see into the future.


Organisations are grappling with a unique set of unforeseen challenges. Leaders are scratching their heads about how best to implement classic thinking in the face of revolutionary conditions in search of a ‘catch all’ hybrid working model whilst meeting ever-demanding targets. Yet continued covid related pressures add further physical and mental resourcing issues into the mix. And all of this is precariously balanced on the heads of people, from first line manager level up, who are just about managing to keep above water level, for now.


None of us can deny that it is imperative that leadership development evolves at an appropriate pace to remain future-focused and ahead of the transformation curve. But there aren’t any textbooks about the how as noone has had the chance to write them yet. Some of the classics still hold true. But not all of them. Agility, evolution, listening and adapting to each unique set of circumstances is key. But who has the time and foresight in your organisation to do that when the workaday normality is so fraught?


It’s no coincidence that the Mosaic team is drawn from very experienced and versatile practitioners from across the organisation development spectrum. All are cross-sector experienced. All have been leaders in their own rights. Together we’ve provided support to dozens of household names and many more emerging brands.


All Mosaic programmes are unique, yet based on tried and tested foundations and each is purposely designed to act as a pathfinder for the transformation process within our client organisations, equipping leaders with the skills needed to adapt to a new world, at a new pace, ensuring a consistent model of leadership excellence for future fit organisations and their people, at an inconsistent and volatile time.


We partner with organisations to develop their leadership teams at all levels, from first line management through to senior executive teams. Always at the forefront of our approach is maintaining constant focus on the achievement on the business’s core outcomes and deliverables. We do this by concentrating on the enabling activities that drive those outcomes and ensure that they are, and remain, grounded in core purpose, outcomes focused and future fit.


We take a ‘done with’ rather than ‘done to’ approach, ensuring that we transfer ownership for all the goals, objectives and methodology to the client leadership teams over time. Our approach guarantees a sustainable versus over dependent relationship that empowers, encourages, and supports to unlock potential at individual, team, and organisational level.


In this age of information overload, our programmes are purposefully designed to cultivate co-created and co-owned outcomes that are unique to every client. We constantly learn from good practice but take nothing off the shelf. And where we genuinely don’t know, we create learning pathways to help our clients explore and evolve. Where we excel is in creating safe, informed, supported, and immersive development environments and pragmatic learning experiences that motivate leaders to think for themselves and in turn, deliver behavioural and cultural change aligned to business strategy.


This adaptability with a consistent core is what we believe future fit leadership looks like, for an uncertain world and, as ever…we would love to continue the conversation with you.


“A leader’s job is to look to the future and see the organisation, not as it is, but as it should be.”

Jack Welch

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