Wishing you all a very merry Mosaic of a Christmas

The Winter Solstice has always been a very testing time of year for people in the Northern hemisphere, where most of the mythology surrounding the period originates.

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate that, as the light dwindles and the days draw shorter and increasingly colder, it becomes increasingly tougher for everyone physically and emotionally. This is why people cleverly invented many of the traditions we now associate with the time like twinkling lights; the giving of gifts; indulgent behaviour and yes, the focus on goodwill towards one another. Yes, Indeed, it should be a time when people put aside their differences and group together to help one another through into the new year and the green shoots of Spring and renewal.


2023 seems to have been an especially tough year, for many, certainly judging by our cross-sector experience. It has often been made worse by unpredictability and the prevalence of identity politics and the exaggeration of difference to create otherness and perpetuate division in the interests of greed. But decent people know there’s always another, more hopeful and positive way.


The Mosaic proposition and approach to leadership development is based on the understanding that sustainable organisation cultures stem from unity of vision and common purpose. Yet they also thrive on embracing difference and inclusion. And that’s how we should view the unique and important rites, norms and rituals that shine like totems and beacons to steer us through the tough times and changing demands we all face.


2024 will probably not be any easier as the many forces that surround us all remain disappointingly chaotic and unstable. We may not be able to manage them all, but we can all change the way we react to them and, whatever happens, can continue to listen, learn and adapt.


Something else that we can all control is the way we apply our personal agency and energy. Regardless of how different others are and how they bring their traits and habits, norms and preferences to our “table”, if we respond from a place of positivity, respect, kindness and a willingness to try to improve together, we’re half way to overcoming the worst that life can throw at us and will be more receptive to spot the opportunities, the magical moments of lights and inspiration that we’re all capable of.

So our festive message to you, whether you’re reading this as a client, partner, colleague or someone we’ve yet to meet is simple: whatever your culture, belief system, background or aspirations for the future, the team at Mosaic would like to wish you a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling season and we hope that the new year is filled with opportunities to tap into your full potential, whatever role you play.


Here’s to you and your leadership journey and we look forward to sharing stories with you in the weeks and months ahead.


All the very best from Kate, Ian and the Mosaic team.

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