A case-study based guide which showcases the individuals within organisations who nurture and sustain performance through their everyday actions. The savvy OD practitioner’s bible, this book explores the intersection of HR, Comms, Marketing and the C-Suite and is packed with ‘how to’ hints, tips, and best practices. Critical enough to remain credible yet overwhelmingly positive, it is a charismatic illustration of how to achieve true stakeholder engagement.


“I wish my clients would read this instead of sticking to the old stuff they learned in business school.”


“A must read for anyone struggling with the great employee engagement and organisational development dilemma.”


A really inspirational read which I have found hugely helpful in coaching leaders to bring brands alive in their organisations.”

This ground-breaking book was one of the first to credibly link leadership responsibility to sustainability. It explores the notion of superhero leadership in the context of the fast-emerging phenomenon of pivotal first line management. It is as relevant for CEOs as it is for middle managers and uses a mixture of unique and classic management models and case studies to illustrate the relationship between personal brand, organisation brand, and corporate social responsibility.


“An inspired read which I found incredibly powerful in my work with organisations to align culture with brand through fully engaged employees.”


“A brave and ground-breaking book that progresses the employee communications and culture change agenda considerably beyond the tried and tested theories. Really useful case studies form organisations as varied as British Airways through to investment banks.”


“An easy but thought-provoking read in the style of Charles Handy.”