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The OD System as a Mosaic with the Mosaic Team

Mosaic is more than a brand or logo. It reflects the way we work together, a group of people transformation specialists with varying levels of deep expertise in our specialist areas working together to offer a complete and comprehensive systems approach to transforming leadership practices, especially within the people disciplines.


A system is an inter-related set of variables or components functioning together as a whole. A human resource management system is an integrated and interrelated approach to managing human resources that fully recognizes the interdependence among the various tasks and functions that must be performed and deliberately sets out to ensure that those interdependencies are simultaneously managed.

That said, we are not conventional HR consultants. Why? Because our consultancy team favours long and deep, cross-sector experience and expertise above the normative experience of the CIPD training ground. Our team have all held frontline, corporate roles in the past as training, communications, consultancy or change agent professionals within the private and public sector. We have all undertaken continuous professional development with institutions as varied as Russell Group Universities or the best business schools and we are all writers, thought leaders and creatives, respected for our original approaches and focus on the bottom line.


Just as we blend together, we understand that HR, Operations and the people functions must synchronise their specialist functions if sustainable organisation transformation is to be achieved of the type that satisfies all key stakeholders and which delivers sustainable positive outcomes. Miss one element and the whole system collapses.


The Mosaic OD System has seven component parts, including:

Star Preformance


We talk about employee engagement as a system equivalent to a leaky bucket that needs all elements to be covered to function properly. The same applies to the OD system. Each of the seven stations or enabling disciplines must be addressed simultaneously and be covered in the OD strategy and plan, or the system will break down, compromising the results. They may not all sit under HR or be performed by a single function (Comms often sits elsewhere and marketing is key to the employee life cycle/employer brand, for example). But they must all be simultaneously worked upon and continuously improved. That’s down to leadership and understanding that what gets measured gets done, which is why points 7 and 1 can be interchangeable as the initiation point for the system.


Mosaic is able to offer both consultancy and bespoke workshops majoring in each of the seven stations within our system. We will shortly be publishing a programme in which we invite cross-sector client representatives to attend specialist sessions dedicated to each station, complete with experts with a unique take on the subject to share best practices and resolve challenges.


If you’re interested in forming part of one of these webinars, do let us know. Numbers are restricted to ensure quality dialogues, so please do drop one of us a line responding to this blog using the enquiries form below if you’re interested.


It looks like the next couple of years are going to be an extension of the pandemic challenges as the financial tsunami hits; leaders and managers are going to continue to be tested. The practical support of a small, facilitated network outside of the day job may just be what you need.


We’d love to continue the conversation…

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